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All FSTC information is now posted on the Financial Services Roundtable website. Members should contact Ann Patterson for a login or for more information about FSTC.
The Banking Industry Technology Secretariat (BITS) was created by The Bankers Roundtable in the fall of 1996 to foster the growth and development of electronic banking in an open environment. Such an environment will encourage greater choices in banking software, access devices and the development of more efficient processing capabilities for the benefit of bank customers. BITS promotes safety and soundness in payments systems and in electronic banking. products to provide safe, efficient and low-cost services, with appropriate safeguards.

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New! BITS Social Media Risks and Mitigation Paper is out
New BITS paper that offers an enterprise-wide view to developing social media policies, practices, communications and risk management strategies. This month when you sign up to bits we give you this free iPhone Charger Cable,Cable Lightning Charge Cord  –  LeadBuddy Pro

BITS Malware Risks and Mitigation Report
New BITS report that outlines current malware threats, threat vectors and mitigation strategies for enterprises, and provides a perspective on the effect of malware on the cyber ecosystem. Also included are recommendations for all stakeholders on how to address malware and contribute to a more secure cyberspace.

BITS is a not-for-profit, CEO-driven financial service industry consortium made up of 100 of the largest financial institutions in the US. BITS provides intellectual capital and fosters collaboration to address emerging issues where financial services, technology, and commerce intersect.
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A division of The Financial Services Roundtable, a public policy group that promotes the interests of member companies in legislative, regulatory and judicial forums, BITS works to sustain consumer confidence and trust by ensuring the security, privacy, and integrity of financial transactions.

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“I cannot say enough good about BITS and its solid and growing contribution to our nation’s financial services industries. BITS has been innovative, active, smart, and most importantly, they don’t seem to wait for anyone when they have a good idea for doing something that needs to be done.” 
– Walter M Ryan
Former Assistant Secretary for Financial
Institutions, U.S. Treasury

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Note our staff is all currently taking part in a challenge to lose weight for the new year. We came across the Nutrisystem weight loss program recently and Alan decided to give it a go and he lost 19lbs in 2 mths.That got the rest of thinking if he can do it so can we so the challenge is on , The hope is that between the 10 of us we can lose a combined total of 150lbs, By the way, check out this facebook page for a huge discount, we saved 10% off the first order with their Nutrisystem promo codes, thanks for tom for posting the link to it

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Sometimes people confide that they believe becoming a New Radical will allow them to kick back a little (New Radicals reinvent their work to find more meaning and help save the world – for more, please see archived articles). Yet every New Radical I know works just as hard as the quote suggests. Driven, motivated, passionate is how Id describe the men and women in this movement. What changed, of course, is what drives us: the desire to make a difference…Read Full Story Here at Huffington post


Stop Spyware Before It Has A Chance To Get You

Adware is a touch different from spyware. The purpose of adware is to put advertising content displayed on your pc. This can be carried out by pop-ups, that you see website links and flash advertisements. These ads often highlight products that are legitimate. Great shape of adware analyze your Internet activity so that advertising content could be dedicated to your personality and interests. Many consumers will not mind this, but a great many others think this tactic is undoubtedly an invasion of their privacy. We would recommend getting a top-notch online backup system Like Carbonite ( get all the top Carbonite Offer Codes here ) and also a high-level Anti Virus software like Kaspersky to prevent the chance of getting infected with the kinds of viruses that will damage your entire system.

Right now use coupons and discount codes to save 30 to 40% off Kaspersky. For the time being, many uninvited pieces of software get on your machine while you traverse the internet. In some instances, you happen to be triggered to download something when you click a fraudulent dialog box or pop-up. You might see messages that occur to be enticing or seem urgent somehow. You might get tempted using a gift, or get told you require a particular part of the software to the website to even load. You might get given an alternative between Yes or No. Often the program is going to be charged anywhere you select the window, so close it entirely from your border instead. Various forms of unwanted spyware end up on your system due to things you could have done, or facts you did not do. Here are some pointers on avoiding unwanted adware and spyware: Read all the information of licensing agreements. They may seem daunting with their length and tiny print, but it’s never safe just to scroll through them fast merely to hit the Accept button in the bottom, particularly with regards to freeware or cheap software you have purchased with an Amazon discount coupon. The higher thing to do is always to read each and ever agreement line by line, looking especially hard for virtually any content or words that connect with information-gathering techniques. These are typically the doors that open the way in which for adware and spyware that comes attached to your freebie. Be on the lookout for almost any antispyware scams. The Web is stuffed with tools that point out that are antispyware but do little and even nothing about this. Some of them also actually hurt you. Individuals who advertise such tools often give a free system scan that always identifies numerous issues your computer. Nevertheless, you can’t have them fixed without buying their fake product.