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2nd Annual Shared Assessments Summit
May 27-28, 2009
Hyatt Regency Chicago
Hosted by The Santa Fe Group

This day-and-a-half event for members and nonmembers of the Shared Assessments Program brought together "the best of the best" to discuss the greatest challenges in financial services outsourcing risk and strategic solutions to those challenges. Through speakers and panels with financial institutions, service providers, regulators, assessment firms and others, we discussed the latest trends in security, IT outsourcing, and regulatory compliance.

Participants left with a better understanding of how their organization can take advantage of a program that is transforming the way financial institutions evaluate their IT service providers.

For more information, visit here.
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2009 BITS & FSTC Summit: Solutions Through Collaboration
March 2-5, 2009, Sarasota, FL

FSTC and BITS hosted a Summit on March 3-5, 2009, at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota, Florida. Innovation and collaboration were at the forefront of the discussion to ensure institutions continue to be competitive both locally and globally.

The program provided senior financial services business and technology executives with information in a highly interactive format by engaging industry experts in dialogue on such topics as:
  • Wringing the cost out of operations through creative, innovative methods
  • Reducing operational risks; such as managing solution providers and reducing fraud, without increasing cost
  • Finding greater efficiencies in compliance
  • Enhancing the feasibility of new customer services through collaborative and interoperable methods
  • Making the most of emerging delivery channels (mobile) and computing paradigms (cloud)
  • Getting ahead of the curve on rapidly evolving security, resiliency, and business continuity issues
For more information, visit here.
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The Future of Consumer Authentication: Emerging Technologies Insights
November 18, 2008

BITS participated in a webinar on emerging trends in consumer authentication, specifically for financial institutions. Hear senior-level discussions and market insights, including a new study by Javelin Strategy & Research. For more information visit here.
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7th Annual BITS/American Banker Financial Services Outsourcing Conference
Presented by The Santa Fe Group
October 27-28, 2008, Alexandria, VA

The Conference offered executives specializing in Outsourcing, Risk Management, Compliance, IT Security and Relationship Management the business critical knowledge necessary to successfully reduce risk when it comes to outsourcing domestically or internationally.

This year's conference highlighted:
  • Globalization: Insights about changes and trends in the global marketplace
  • Leadership: Top strategies in managing human capital
  • Regulations and Legislation: The regulatory and legislative landscape in 2008-09 and how it affects your organization
  • Innovation: Industry initiatives that are making outsourcing more efficient
  • Risk management: Best practices for protecting valuable information assets
For more information, contact Robin Slade at
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Securing Web-based Business Applications
March 6-7, 2008, Arlington, VA
Participating Companies

The forum provided a strategic look at the security implications of web-based business applications. This important issue was examined from business, operational, and legal/regulatory perspectives.

Attendees were able to:
  • Strengthen their knowledge of cutting-edge web-based business applications.

  • Address business application security and fraud risks facing the financial services industry today.

  • Anticipate innovations in Web 2.0 and mobile technologies that may impact security, fraud and privacy protection in the near future.

  • Discuss the appropriate security standards and requirements with business partners in order to minimize vulnerabilities in the future.

  • Consider evolving regulatory and supervisory requirements.

  • Network with experts from financial institutions, technology companies, regulators, and law enforcement.
For more information, contact Paul Smocer at
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Wireless Security Forum
June 19-20, 2007, Washington, DC

This day-and-half forum brought together experts from the financial institutions, regulators and technology vendors to better understand strategically important developments in wireless technologies, risk management and regulation. Attendees had the opportunity to discuss and learn about emerging regulatory expectations, security of mobile payments, wireless technology trends, risk management challenges with contact-less cards and WiFi, precedents and trends in Europe and Asia, and wireless standards.

For more information, contact John Carlson at
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A Strategic Look at Mitigating Internal Fraud
March 15, 2007, Washington, DC 20037

This one day, invitation-only forum provided a strategic perspective concerning the challenges that financial institutions, regulators, and law enforcement have in addressing and combating internal fraud today. Attendees, learned about strategies and technologies for combating internal fraud; discussed the impact of nefarious insider activities on financial losses, reputation risk, and increased regulatory attention; discovered common types of internal frauds and profiles of employees who commit them; discussed prevention, detection and response strategies; learned the about the latest regulatory requirements; gained insight into CEO and board perspectives on internal fraud; and networked with financial service colleagues, vendors and guest speakers.

For more information, please contact Heather Wyson at
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Enterprise Payments Fraud and Cross Channel Payments Risk Forum
December 5, 2006, Washington, DC

This one-day, invitation-only meeting focused on cross-channel payments risk and the most promising approaches to enable enterprise payments fraud reduction. CIOs, Enterprise Payments Strategy Executives, Payments Fraud Executives, Practitioners, Regulators, Service Providers, and Consultants learned how retail fraud patterns are changing with technological advances. Through case studies and open discussion, participants heard about their peers' experiences with cross-channel payments fraud, and the key elements needed to build an effective internal cross-silo payments fraud management process. Participants also learned what industry organizations are doing to better enable true enterprise payments fraud reduction capabilities, and had an opportunity to provide early feedback on those efforts.

For more information, please contact Ann Patterson at
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ID Management Forum: A Strategic Look at Credentialing and Authentication
October 5, 2006, Washington, DC

This one-day, invitation-only meeting focused on two key aspects of the identity management puzzle: credentials and authentication. BITS brought together experts from the financial services industry, technology companies, and government agencies to discuss the role of credentials, the credentialing process, efforts to implement stronger authentication, and long-term strategic challenges facing financial institutions in the authentication space.

The participants:
- Gained insights into identity management challenges.
- Learned about the steps financial institutions are taking to comply with government mandates.
- Exchanged collaborative strategies to achieve solutions that are convenient for consumers and reliable and safe for financial institutions.
- Discussed long-term strategic challenges and potential solutions.
- Networked with experts from the financial services industry, technology companies, and government agencies.
- Earned possible CPE credits

For more information, please contact John Carlson at
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Anti-Money Laundering Forum: Bridging the Gap Between Legislation and Implementation
Presented with The Santa Fe Group
July 13-14, 2006, Washington, DC

BITS held the Anti-Money Laundering Forum on July 13 and 14, 2006, bringing financial executives together with service providers and regulators for a discussion of key issues in anti-money laundering policy, technology, risk and implementation.

The program featured financial services regulators sharing their views on:
- What Examiners Look for Today: Beyond the Regulations
- Regulatory Consistency
- The Future of AML Regulations

Other practical issues in AML were covered, including current and proposed legislation, money laundering detection, effective use of money laundering information, and elements of a successful AML training program.

Day Two of the Forum was a closed session for financial institutions.

Contact Robin Slade at The Santa Fe Group for more information on the Anti-Money Laundering Forum.
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For more information about BITS Forums and other events, please contact Tanya Bailey.

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