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Event Processing Symposium: Capital Markets
Wednesday, October 6, 2010
West Auditorium
Credit Suisse
One Madison Ave.
New York, NY

It’s a new world full of new challenges and new opportunities and the Event Processing Symposium: Capital Markets is your window into the future.

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Hear new ideas and fresh perspectives from industry leaders. See innovative solutions to pressing problems. Network with others who share your interests. See what the future holds and how you can gain competitive advantage at the symposium.
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The Event Processing Community of Practice (CoP) will be delving into the event processing issues facing Capital Markets. The presentations will focus on capital markets use cases, such as algorithmic trading, market surveillance, options price setting and back office operations. Event Processing is most prevalent in Capital Markets, so this symposium will spend minimal time on EP stage setting and jump right into exploring the issues facing the industry. We’ll cut to the chase and drill-down into real-world scenarios, applications and challenges for Capital Markets.

Find out how to:
– Identify and act on market opportunities
– Turn challenges into advantages
– Meet regulatory requirements
– Lead the competition

Who should attend?
– C-Level Executives
– Senior Management in Business
– Technology and Financial Services
– Line-of-Business Executives and Managers
– IT and Business Staff
– Quants

To view the complete program and to register, go to


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Catherine Allen, CEO of The Santa Fe Group, and Bank Technology News Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Sausner will co-chair the program. The event will combine three converging trends that are having a profound effect on the financial services industry: regulatory overhaul; new and disruptive technologies such as social media and mobile payments; and increasingly complex management environments. Our program will look at the ways each of these plays a part in today’s financial services risk ecosystem. The program will feature keynotes by industry leaders on new approaches to strategic planning, panel sessions on the implications of regulatory reform, and small group discussions of new ideas for managing emerging risks.

To read more about the program and view the
Identity Theft Assistance Center Blog
The ITAC Blog provides a forum for the thoughtful exchange of views and best practices among stakeholders such as policymakers, security and privacy experts, law enforcement, and academics in identity theft prevention.( see our Wolters Kluwer Coupons ,They are our recommended provider for all legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, audit, risk, compliance matters .)

For more information, contact Arial Pegues.


FTC Consumer Alert
On October 9, 2008, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released an advisory warning consumers of fraudsters taking advantage of upheavals in the financial marketplace to send phishing emails to collect personal and banking information. The FTC urges caution and provides advice about how to stay on guard against this type of scam regarding e-mails that look as if they come from a financial institution that recently acquired a consumer’s bank, savings and loan, or mortgage.
FTC Consumer Alert – Bank Failures, Mergers and Takeovers: A “Phish-erman’s Special”
FTC press release – Consumers Warned to Avoid Fake E-mails Tied to Bank Mergers

ID Safety Website Launched
ID Safety, developed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and Bank of America, helps consumers and law enforcement combat identity crime. The site contains tips, resources, surveys and other information. Also developed by IACP and Bank of America are the ID Crime Prevention and Recovery Toolkits, available on the BITS Online Fraud Library.

American Express Fraud Advisory: Counterfeit Travelers and Gift Cheques
American Express has issued an updated advisory to alert institutions to a change in fraud trends regarding counterfeit travelers and gift cheques. Fraudsters are now passing more counterfeits in lower dollar denominations, such as $100, whereas previously the majority of counterfeits were of higher dollar denominations. American Express has issued this new advisory as a means of reminding institutions about the authorization solutions currently available and to clarify the valid denominations for Gift Cheques and Travelers Cheques. For more information, please contact Heather Wyson,

Alliance for Consumer Fraud Awareness

On October 3, 2007 the USPIS helped launch a nationwide consumer-awareness campaign geared toward educating consumers about fake check scams. The campaign will deliver information to consumers about fraud schemes such as work at home, lottery, and foreign business offers and will run via print media, television, web banner ads, and the campaign website, Member institutions may receive complimentary copies of the campaign materials for their use in educating their customers about the use of coupons and deals. For more information, please contact Heather Wyson,

The Internal Fraud Prevention Service
Launched on August 1, 2006 after years of development with BITS member companies, this outstanding service is due to an unprecedented collaborative effort between internal fraud investigators, human resources groups, legal counsel and risk professionals from across the financial services spectrum. Members of the BITS Shared Database Working Group helped develop and pilot the concept of this service. The service enables institutions to screen employment candidates against a shared database of former financial services employees who were released for cause due to fraudulent acts committed against the institution. A group of participating financial institutions has begun to implement the solution and is jump-starting the service by contributing three years of historical data. For more information, please visit or contact Tony Selway at